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March 05, 2021 2 min read

Are you struggling with high Charge Temperatures on your C63 AMG?

Reduce charge temperatures and improve resistance to heat soak with CSF’s Heat Exchanger (Charge Cooler Water Radiator) for the Mercedes-AMG W205 C63 4.0T.

Integral to the new 4.0 Twin Turbo engines power output is not only the turbochargers but the charge air (compressed air) cooling system. A system to cool the charge air is required because when air is compressed by the turbochargers it heats up and for optimum performance, this air needs to be cooled again. Cooler air going into the engine means much denser oxygenation and improved knock resistance, two key factors when seeking to maintain or improve power.

This cooling system consists of two charge air coolers which cool the charge air, a water circuit which flows through a pump, into the charge air coolers and into a heat exchanger which then cools the water that has been used by the charge air coolers to cool the compressed air.

As boost pressure is increased as is common with any ECU software upgrade (Stage 1/2/3) this introduces more heat into the charge air cooling system. The stock charge air cooling system works very well for stock boost levels, however, once boost levels are raised it can struggle to keep charge air temperatures consistently cool.

The CSF All-Aluminum Heat Exchanger (Charge Cooler Water Radiator) improves the cooling power of the stock heat exchanger which cools the water that cools the charge air. With a more powerful heat exchanger, it can more effectively remove heat from the hot water to help keep charge air temperatures cooler and improve resistance to heat soak.

In independent testing at Regal Autosport, they found that the Heat Exchanger can reduce charge air temperatures by as much as 20 degrees at their peak and improve resistance to heat-soak by 4 times when compared to the stock heat exchanger.