White Label

As well as offering a CSF branded product line, CSF also opens up its manufacturing capabilities so that brands can offer white label cooling solutions. 

CSF’s 5 manufacturing facilities have produced countless custom cooling systems over the past 65+ years. Some past projects include:
  • Custom Race car all-aluminum units
  • Custom Motorcycle all-aluminum units
  • All metal copper/brass steel cased military tank & train applications
  • Power generator radiators and cooling kits (including oil cooler, hydraulic cooler, fans, and shroud)
  • Boat heat exchangers
  • Intercoolers (all-aluminum with cast endtanks and plastic-aluminum with either bar/plate or tube/fin core)
  • Commercial and heavy duty truck radiators
  • Power Steering and transmission coolers with custom bent hard lines
  • Radiator pressure caps and filler necks


Please allow for lead times that range typically from 60 – 150 days.

  • Our lead times vary and depend on many factors including; seasonality, available capacity, quantity ordered, raw material availability, and freight availability and speed,
  • All custom orders can be expedited depending on quantity and shipping options.


  • We want to work with you, and are flexible with our requirements if there is opportunity for us to work and grow together. However, CSF does not do custom 1-off projects.
  • Radiators – 30-50 units p/ order (Depends on design and application). Expectation of at least 100 units p/ year
  • Radiator cores – 30 units
  • Intercoolers – 50 units p/ order. Expectation of at least 100 units p/ year
  • Oil coolers / Power Steering & Transmission Coolers – 50 units p/ order. Expectation of at least 100 units p/ year
  • Intercooler cores – 30 units 

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