Collection: Air-to-Air Intercooler Cores

After noticing the fabrication market was being under served in the air to air intercooler core space, CSF set out to create a range of off the shelf air to air intercooler cores for fabricators. Utilising CSF’s extensive knowledge of developing complete intercoolers, CSF had a range of high-performance core designs to pass onto the fabrication market. These core are high quality, high performance and at a reasonable price. Built to withstand high boost pressures (120PSI) and are straight and clean, perfect for fabricators.

CSF Air-to-Air Intercooler Core Features

  • Heavy-Duty Bar & Plate Intercooler Cores for Air or Water
  • Pressure Tested at 120psi for Maximum Reliability in Extreme Boost Applications
  • Hand-Built Using Jigs & Fixtures for a Perfectly Straight Core for
  • Boost Applications Easy Welding
  • Manufactured by Hand in a Clean Room Using Gloves Inside the CSF Cooling Factory to Ensure Proper Brazing and a Clean Surface for Future Welding
  • Multi-Louvered High Precision Staggered Fin Design (for Both Ambient and Pressure Sides of the Core)
  • Batch Brazed in CSF’s State-of-the-Art Digital Vacuum Brazing Oven (12 Ovens in Total)
  • Strict Quality Control and Quality Testing, Including Individual Pressure Testing
  • Individually Boxed and Protected for Secure Transport Through Single Piece Mail Services

Custom Sizing Also Available (MOQ 25 Units)

  • Different core configurations (vertical flow or horizontal flow) 
  • Bar & Plate or Tube & Fin
  • Complete Intercooler Assembles with Cast End-Tanks (MOQ 50) 
  • Quality controlled & leak-pressure tested before packaging to ensure defect-free products
  • Design, engineering and testing services available to help bring your project to market! 
  • Click HERE to enquire
 CSF Part No: Length (MM) Height (MM) Width (MM) HP Rating Notes
CSF-8040 455 300 150 1300
CSF-8045 635 300 90 1000
CSF-8046 635 300 115 1200
CSF-8047 560 300 90 850
CSF-8048 455 300 115 1000
CSF-8053 610 150 90 800 Vertical Flow
CSF-8054 685 150 115 1100 Vertical Flow
CSF-8055 685 150 150 1400 Vertical Flow
CSF-8056 505 300 75 700
CSF-8063 510 300 100 850
CSF-8067 610 300 75 850
CSF-8068 685 150 75 800 Vertical Flow
CSF-8117 560 355 115 1500 Vertical Flow (Nissan GT-R Fitment)
CSF-8117W 560 355 140 2000+

Vertical Flow (Nissan GT-R Fitment)

CSF-8173 560 300 115 1000
CSF-8174 560 250 100 900

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Build quality and performance is great

Build quality and performance is great

“Used these radiators to keep my track Porsche cool and also my supercharged E39 in check. Build quality and performance is great, so much so that I've got the engine oil cooler, DCT cooler, power steering cooler and radiator for my E92 M3.”
Ryan Stewart
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