CSF N55 Engine Oil Cooler Upgrade
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CSF N55 Engine Oil Cooler Upgrade

Are you struggling with Engine Oil Temps on your N55 equipped BMW?

It’s no industry secret that the N55, when driven under high loads for sustained periods of time or in high ambient conditions, it has an engine oil temperature problem. 

Owners often see temperatures in the region on 130°C + and often going into the 140°C+ region if care isn’t taken. High operating temperatures can reduce the longevity of engine components and ultimately result in failures, sooner.

To give owners more engine cooling performance which can allow them to drive their car harder for longer in the same conditions, CSF has developed a unique oil cooler upgrade for the N55 equipped cars.

After significant development internationally with partners in the USA and UK CSF are proud to bring to market an oil cooler upgrade for the N55 equipped F chassis BMWs

CSF High-Performance Race-Spec BMW N55 Engine Oil Cooler

  • Innovative 2 core in-series design
  • Converted to an M2 style single-pass design with a high-pressure return line
  • High-density multi-louvred fin design for maximum surface area contact
  • Drop-in fit requiring zero modifications
  • Track tested and race project by Hittman Racing’s M235iR endurance race car
  • ≈ 5°C-10°C  reduction in Engine Oil Temperature depending on ambient and load conditions (9°F-18°F)
  • Replaces OEM # 17217618360

Fits N55 engined BMW M135i, M235i, M235iR, 335i, 435i incl. X-Drive models.

This product is now pre-orderable and orders will be shipping from Q4 2019. You can find out more and order by clicking here

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