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CSF’s all-aluminium replacement radiator for 90’-02’ Mercedes Benz SL500

CSF is proud to introduce another industry exclusive to its growing line of “Classic Series” radiators. An All Aluminium Replacement Radiator, yet still high performance, for the Mercedes Benz R129 SL500 5.0L V8 – CSF#8057. These over-engineered German sports cars from the ’90s were technically advanced for their time, and have now entered the “collectible” realm of car enthusiasts across the globe. With fitment spanning a 12-year range from 1990-2002, and some of these early model vehicles now nearing close to 30 years old, the factory radiators with plastic end-tanks need to be replaced. 

Reasons to replace or upgrade with CSF’s #8057 for Mercedes Benz SL500:

– The OEM radiator with plastic end tanks can become brittle and crack/leak over time due to normal wear-and-tear and repeated on/off heat cycles. 

– The OEM radiator core can possibly be clogged up with debris affecting the performance of the radiator. 

– The OEM radiator may be corroded from the inside due to sediments in the water or lack of scheduled coolant flushes and changes. A common occurrence for vehicles which often sit or are stored, without being driven, for long periods of times. 

– The normal life cycle for an OEM radiator is typical 5-10 years. Preventative replacement to a CSF all-aluminium radiator will ensure better performance, higher levels of reliability during driving, and be more durable as an upgraded high-performance replacement to the old or other aftermarket plastic/aluminium radiators. 

The all-aluminium replacement radiator for the R129 SL500 features CSF’s known “drop-in fitment”, requiring no additional parts or modifications for installation as well as CSF’s exclusive B-Tube Technology core; the most advanced and efficient radiator core in the industry. CSF’s #8057 will install with no modifications to the OEM fan shroud, A/C condenser, OEM hoses, and all OEM ducting. A complete plug-and-play upgraded replacement solution. 

All Aluminium Replacement Radiator (CSF#8057) Features:

“Drop-in fit” requiring no modifications to install

2-row 42mm (Dual Core) featuring CSF’s exclusive B-tube technology

Ultra-efficient multi-louvered fin w/ 6.5mm fin height (for proper airflow to other cooling components). Resulting in optimal surface area contact and heat dissipation

CNC machined brackets and fittings for superb fit and durability

Slip-on hose fittings (35mm)

100% all-aluminium TIG welded construction

2 Year limited warranty

Part Number 

CSF# 8057 – Polished Finish

OEM Part Number 



1990 – 1993 MBZ 500SL (5.0L, V8)

1994 – 2002 MBZ SL500 (5.0L, V8)