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CSF Radiators


CSF Race 08+ Nissan GT-R (R35) Engine Oil Cooler

CSF R35 GT-R oil cooler (CSF #8097)

  • Direct fit high-performance oil cooler for the Nissan GT-R (R35) [All 09+ USDM, JDM, and European models)
  • High-Performance bar/plate core. Increase in core thickness from OEM tube/fin style 51mm to high-performance bar/plate 60mm for better cooling and oil capacity. Tested at ~10% more efficient than AMS.
  • Staggered external fin configuration for maximum surface area contact and heat dissipation.
  • Drop-in fit. A complete plug-and-play solution. Requires no modifications to install. Uses all attaching OEM components.
  • Cast endtank design for precise fitment and maximum value
  • Satin black heat dispersion coating
  • Designed and manufactured by OEM cooling partner CSF Cooling – Individually leak tested before packaging