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CSF Porsche 911 Turbo / Turbo S (.1 &.2) (991 series) Twin Intercooler set

CSF Race is proud to present their latest cooling innovation, the 991 Turbo and Turbo S intercooler set. 


4.5" Thick Bar & Plate Core

  • Wind Tunnel Optimised Core 
  • Aerospace Grade Thermal Dispersion Coating
  • Utilises OEM mounting points and OEM clip settings
Independent testing at GMG Racing shows


Testing conducted on a 2017 99.2 Turbo S with GMG Cat-Back Exhaust, IPD Plenum, IPD Y-Pipe & GIAC Stage 1 Tune 

  • During a rolling road power sweep test with 27C ambient temps, CSF coolers charge temp is 33c and stock coolers charge temp is 48c. The CSF 991 Turbo and turbo S Intercoolers cool 6c above ambient and 15c below stock. 
  • Peak Power Gains of 41WHP 
These coolers utilise all of our expert cooling knowledge to deliver an incredibly high performing intercooler solution at a competitive price. During development, CSF engineers designed and tested multiple core sizes suitable for this application and settled on a 4.5" thick wind tunnel optimised bar & plate core. 


CSF engineers also utilised a special aerospace thermal dispersion coating which helps the intercooler system disperse heat at a greater rate. 

As always, factory-like fitment is incredibly important for CSF. CSF engineers utilise the OEM mounting points, clip settings and require a small amount of trimming of the factory intercoolers shroud to accept the huge intercoolers.