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CSF Radiators


CSF MQB Cooling Package

CSF MQB Cooling package for the latest VAG MQB Platform Cars. Kit consists of the CSF High Performance / race-grade, all-aluminium, triple-pass engine water radiator (CSF-7084) and 1x CSF DSG Heat Exchanger - A high performance / race-grade, all-aluminium, quadruple-pass DSG transmission water-to-oil heat exchanger. This new component is multi-fit that can also be installed (with no modifications) as an upgraded auxiliary radiator for maximum cooling performance. (CSF-8132)

Some models such as the MK7/MK7.5 VW Golf R have an additional Auxiliary heat exchanger fitted to the passenger side. This is the same fitment as the DSG Heat Exchanger. This can be added as an option.