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CSF Intercooler for Hyundai I30N - Silver

CSF’s high-performance intercoolers help to keep charge temperatures consistently lower than the factory intercooler. This is because your factory intercooler was designed for standard power levels and expected type of use, as soon as you go outside of the factory power levels and expected type of use, your factory intercooler will begin to struggle. As well as this, as your intercooler goes through its life the core will deteriorate externally as well as fill with contaminates internally which results in a reduction in its performance.  

Over time the factory plastic end-tanks which are crimped onto the factory core can leak, losing precious boost pressure resulting in a significant lack of performance and risk to the engine. 

However, not all intercoolers are made equal. 

CSF Core design - Bar & Plate

The CSF intercooler for Hyundai i30 N is a larger, more efficient intercooler for significantly improved cooling power. 

CSF’s Bar & Plate cores are optimised in our in-house wind tunnel, through this process we select the optimum stack height and multi-louvred fin design for both the ambient and pressure sides for optimum balance between cooling power, pressure drop and airflow to the radiators behind the intercooler. 

Whatsmore the unique curved bars maximise the bar surface are and improve airflow through the core. 

CSF Manufacturing, Testing & Finish

All of our intercoolers are manufactured in our own factories, this means we have total control over our production, unlike other white-label brands. Our intercoolers start life in our factory as an aluminium sheet or bar and from there we create our own bars, multi-louvred fins, CNC machine all of our fittings. The core is then CAB brazed in our state of the art clean room and the end-tanks and fittings TIG welded together by our master welders. 

All of our intercoolers are individually leak tested to 120PSI and go through a 30 point fitment inspection to ensure critical dimensions are per our design. 

To finish our intercoolers are painted in either a Black or Silver finish.

Compatible vehicles: 2019-2020 Hyundai Veloster N, 2017-2020 Hyundai i30 N

OEM part number: 282702GTB1