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CSF Radiators


CSF BMW F8X M3/M4 Charge Cooler and Heat Exchanger Package

We have combined the top mount charge cooler and heat exchanger for the F8X M3 and M4. 

Kit includes:

CSF-8082 or CSF-8082R

CSF Race F8X M3/M4 - Top Mount Charge-Air-Cooler in crinkle black finish. World’s 1st cast end tank designed top mount charge-air-cooler for the BMW S55 engine in the BMW F8x m3/m4 (F80 m3, F82/F83 m4). Multiple air dividers cast into both the hot/cold side end tanks for optimized air flow through the custom designed CSF liquid-to-air intercooler core (CFD analysis and testing completed to ensure optimal performance)**60% increase in core size compared to the OEM cooler. Left/right, cross-flow, dual-pass core configuration with 2-stage water cooling for maximum efficiency and intake temperature reduction (vs. OEM single-pass vertical-flow design) Designed with 3D scanning / rapid prototype technology to ensure precise fitment and maximum surface area utilization. “Drop-in fit” design for an easy & quick plug-and-play installation. Complete with OEM style “Quick-Connect” water connections and sensor ports. Finished with a professional “Crinkle Black” powder coat finish (CSF-8082). Also available in raw aluminium finish with option for custom powder coating available (CSF-8082R).



CSF Race BMW F8X M3/M4 - Front Mount Heat Exchanger with rock guard

2-row 42mm core (dual core) featuring CSF’s exclusive B-tube technology

Core features an ultra-efficient fin with 6.5mm fin height and multi-louvered design for maximum surface area contact

Dual-pass flow structure allows the coolant to flow across the core of the radiator 2 times before exiting the radiator for the lowest outlet temperature possible (OEM style design)

CNC machined, OEM style “quick-connect” inlet/outlet connections

CNC machined, OEM style mounting brackets & fittings for superb fit and durability

Includes removable aluminium rock guard

All-aluminium race style drain plug

1 hour “mirror finish” hand polish

“Drop-in fit” requiring no modifications to install. Accepts all attaching OEM components including “quick-connect” hoses, mounting brackets, OEM X-brace, and all air ducting/shrouding.