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CSF Radiators at Essen Motor Show 2018

 CSF at Essen Motor Show 2018! 

Essen Motor Show is almost the polar opposite to Professional Motorsport Expo in Cologne. PMW is a reserved, serious and motorsport oriented event which is business only whereas Essen Motor Show is, well the simplest way to describe is a German version of SEMA.

The Aulitzky Tuning M2 Competition is equipped with the complete CSF cooling package for the S55. As the M2 Competition has the M3/M4 S55 engine, it is now equipped with our Top Mount Charge Cooler, Front Mount Heat Exchanger and DCT cooler. Thanks to Aulitzky, we can now confirm that these parts all fit with zero modifications!

CSF S55 BMW M2 Competition, M3 & M4 Cooling Package Product Information Page

You may recognise the plate on this car… After speaking to Ring Police and explaining the performance advantage our world record setting intercoolers have over all of the other intercoolers on the market thanks to their design and thermal dispersion coating, they had to have a set! The Ring Police car has the OE ducts removed for display purposes, but these intercoolers do fit and are intended to be used with the OE ducts.

CSF 991 Turbo & Turbo S Intercooler Product Information Page

On display, we had our E Series N54/N55 intercooler (top) and F Series Intercooler (bottom) which fits the 116i all the way through to the M2/430i!. Both of these coolers utilise the unique CSF curved bar design which increases the surface area of the bar and flow through the core for greater cooling power. These intercoolers have been proven time and time again to offer improved cooling power vs. alternative options!

CSF BMW N54 & N55 Intercooler Product Information Page

A new product we were debuting at the show is our B48/B58 Heat Exchanger. This heat exchanger cools the water which comes from the charge cooler in the inlet manifold. On tuned cars with raised boost levels the stock cooler struggles to keep the charge temps consistently cool which leads to a power limitation, with the CSF Heat Exchanger we anticipate customers to be able to enjoy peak power for longer, rather than the ECU reducing power because of the OE cooling system becomes saturated.

The features for our cooler include the unique CSF B-Tube technology, this improves cooling power by around 15% vs. old style O-Tube style thanks to its increased strength allowing for less material to be used and dual laminar flow. The core is a hugely thick 68mm dual-row core.

CSF BMW B48 & B58 Product Information Page

Also on display, we had the F11 M5. This 900HP M5 Touring utilises the CSF Charge Coolers.

CSF BMW F10 M5 & M6 Charge Cooler Intercooler Product Information Page 

Next to the F11 M5 we also had the F82 M4 of JP Performance with the Top Mount Charge Cooler, finished in a Mint colour. We’re a HUGE fan of this finish!

CSF S55 BMW M2 Competition, M3 & M4 Cooling Package Product Information Page