CSF Cooling

CSF at PMW 2018 & Nurburgring Trip

 CSF Radiators first year at the Professional Motorsport World Expo! 

The Professional Motorsport World Expo, located in Cologne is Central Europe’s largest and most popular motorsport oriented B2B exhibition. All of the top tier manufacturers from around the world exhibit at PMW and the attendees range from vehicle manufacturers all the way through to tuning shops. If you need to build a race car in Europe, you come to PMW. So naturally, CSF attended!

This story starts with the collection of Ryan’s CSF equipped E92 M3 at a UK dealer, Regal Autosport’s facility. Located in Southampton, a stone’s throw away from the CSF Radiators Europe distribution centre. This E92 M3 is equipped with the full CSF cooling package which includes the All-Aluminum Triple Pass Water Radiator, Heavy Duty Oil Cooler, Power Steering Cooler & DCT Cooler. As you’d expect, with this cooling package this M3 would be right at home on the track.

Other modifications include BBS E88s, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2s, Bilstein Clubsports, Sparta Evolution BBK Front + Rear, GTS/GT4 Aero and an Akrapovic Evolution Line Titanium Exhaust System. Ryan can be frequently found around one of the UKs many track events and regularly visiting the Nurburgring. Ryan was nice enough to hand us the keys to his M3 to display at PMW, as well as drive around the Nurburgring and visit some dealers! Thank you Ryan <3

Using the Euro Tunnel train to fast track our journey across the English Channel, the journey from Southampton to Colgone takes around 7-8 hours.  Leaving at 9 and arriving at around 5PM in the evening, stopping only for fuel. Ryan’s E92 M3 was the perfect car to eat up the miles.

All setup and ready to go. Way before most of the other exhibitors!

Let’s run through some of what we had on display…

It seems right to start with the way we got here. Below is the 4 piece cooling package for the E9X M3. As fitted to Ryan’s E92 M3 that we drove to PMW. You can see our All-Aluminum Triple Pass Water Radiator which features B-Tube technology inside, this technology generates 15% higher efficiency vs. O-Tube designs thanks to being able to use less material as its stronger and the dual laminar flow. This makes the CSF Radiator uniquely lightweight, strong and powerful.

The Heavy Duty Oil Cooler is a huge improvement over stock not only in performance due to its bar and plate design and larger size but also thanks to using TIG welded, cast end tanks which will not fail. The stock cooler uses a spot welded and mechanically crimped core, which can commonly fail.

The other two pieces are the DCT and Power Steering Cooler. The DCT cooler is closest to the engine water radiator. Both coolers utilise CSFs unique OEM level manufacturing capability to make high-performance parts of the originals which fit in the OE location.

Next up we have our world record setting 991 Turbo and Turbo S intercoolers which fit Gen 1 and Gen 2 models. These utilise a unique thermal dispersion coating which allows the intercoolers to disperse heat much more efficiently than is usually possible with a bar and plate core.

One of our most popular products for fabricators and constructors is again, our world record setting liquid to air and air to air intercooler cores. These air to air cores are utilised in the fastest drag competition cars and the liquid to air are utilised in Supercar Twin Turbo conversions alongside our heat exchangers (not pictured)

Moving on to one of our most popular products of 2018, the S55 3.0TT BMW M3, M4 and now M2 Competition Top Mounted Charge Cooler. This cooler replaces the factory unit and improves the cooling power of the cooling system dramatically as well as improving boost response thanks to higher flow through the core.

An innovation from 2018 is our curved bar and plate intercooler cores. On applicable designs, like the BMW N55/N54 intercoolers, we are now rolling out this design. This design increases the surface area of the bar and improves flow through the core, increasing the cooling power of the intercooler vs. other designs.

We also had a fantastic meeting with RSU Nurburg. RSR Nurburg is a Nurburgring and Spa track car rental company. They discussed the cooling problems they have had with some of their applications in the Summer due to high track temps and where CSF could help solve these issues.

So for 2019 CSF and RSR Nurburg will be entering into a strategic partnership which will mean that CSF parts are equipped to the cars of one of the most popular Nurburgring rental companies, tested, and proven day in, day out on the Green Hell!

After PMW ended we headed to the Nurburgring to attend the last day of the tourist laps. It was nice and dry in the morning but started to rain heavily as the day progressed, so we enjoyed a few slow laps and drove around the now sleepy village to the Nurburgring park where we checked out the now Porsche owned Manthey Racing HQ.

The following day we headed to legendary German Porsche tuners 9ff. 9ff have been a long time customer and partner of CSF, utilising our All-Aluminum water radiators in the builds that require it and are now utilising our 991 Turbo S intercoolers in their builds. Having tested our coolers vs. others, they are very happy with the consistently cooler performance and fit.

We also stopped by Ring Police to checkout their facility. Well known within the Nurburgring scene and YouTube, Ring Police have their own ADAC Masters race team, car sales showroom and performance tuning shop. Soon to be using CSF products in their builds, too!