CSF Cooling

CSF Race at Players Classic 2018

CSF cars dominated Players Classic 2018, again…

Players Classic is one of the best automotive events in the world. Located at the legendary Goodwood Race circuit, this year it took place over two days with the Saturday being the track day and the Sunday is the show and shine event.

Dealers Evolve Automotive and Regal Autosport joined us to display their CSF equipped vehicles as well as brought some customer cars along.

Evolve’s F80 M3 is fitted with the CSF Top Mounted Charge Cooler and Regal’s 997 GT3 the complete 3 piece all-aluminium water radiators.

We also had on display a selection of cooling products, including one of our signature all-aluminium triple pass water radiators, market leading N55 intercooler as well as universal and direct fit oil coolers.

As well as this, Regal Autosport was providing passenger rides to people who had signed up in their E92 M3 which is equipped with our complete 4 piece cooling system featuring our all-aluminium triple pass water radiator, heavy duty oil cooler, dct cooler and power steering cooler which all performed flawlessly all day in the 40c track temp conditions to keep temperatures consistently cool. Lovely!

Sam was also out on circuit in his track prepared E46 M3. Equipped with our heavy duty oil cooler and all-aluminium water radiator.

We also began gathering data for our up and coming all-aluminium water radiator for the 2.0TSi equipped MQB platform vehicles, specifically gathering data on Regal’s track prepared RSS Stage 3 MK7 Golf R with 500HP. Data showed an incredibly high water temp of 105C-110C and oil temp of up to 136C which had to be managed by shifting super early at between 5000-5500RPM.

We have stripped the MK7 Golf R front end and analysed the cooling system extensively and highlighted a number of areas for improvement. If you are taking your MQB car out on the circuit and driving our cooling package will be a must be a must-have

All in all the CSF cars dominated the track day with Ryan’s E92 M3 completing 75 laps at a blistering pace of 1:25 per lap. Awesome.