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E92 M3 4 Piece Cooling Package Install at Regal Autosport

Taking your E92 M3 out on track? You’ll be needing our market leading 4 piece cooling package then… 

It’s no secret that the E92 M3 is an incredible track day car. However, it does have serious limitations on the cooling front. Even without tuning these cars can struggle with high engine oil and water temperatures, as the stock coolers are not efficient enough to shed heat quickly these high temps are kept consistently high, not aiding engine longevity and risking damage. DCT owners will also know of the DCT overheating issues, whereby shifting becomes sluggish and if hot enough gear selection can become limited. Alongside this the power steering can overheat, resulting in sloppy steering.

Luckily, at CSF we have developed a 4 piece cooling package that solves these issues.

First up, our CSF Triple Pass All-Aluminium Water Radiator dramatically improves the cooling efficiency. This radiator is market leading for a number of reasons, firstly the triple pass design means that the coolant crosses the radiator three times before it exits the radiator for the lowest outlet temps possible. The core is a dual-row 42mm core utilising our unique B-tubes which results in a tube which is stronger, thinner and transfers more heat by around 15% vs. typical O-tubes. Finally, our cooler uses larger aluminium end-tanks which is TIG welded to the core, eliminating the chance of failure and polished to perfection for 1 hour.

Second up is our CSF Race Heavy Duty Bar & Plate Oil Cooler. Oil temps are incredibly important to keep cool, being that the S65 powered E92 M3 struggles with bearing problems, oil which is degraded by heat is not ideal. The CSF oil cooler is significantly larger in both depth and height but fits into the stock location. The Bar and Plate core replaces the factory Tube and Fin design, this larger core and better core choice results in oil temps that are typically 10-15c lower than the stock item. The end tanks are also TIG welded and will not fail, whereas the stock item end-tanks are tack welded and crimped on and commonly fail over time.

The third piece is our CSF Dual-Pass DCT Cooler. This DCT cooler uses our unique, high-pressure AC condenser technology that has resulted in a 20% increase in core surface area vs. the OE item and has been lab tested to be 30% more efficiency!

Finally, we have our Dual-Pass Power Steering Cooler. This cooler takes a step away from the low efficiency OE mechanically bonded core and upgrades to our CAB-Brazed high-efficiency plate design. It has a dual-pass, dual-row design which results in an 83% increase in surface area vs. the OE item that delivers a 40% increase in efficiency.

The end result is an E92 M3 that is kept consistently cool in the harshest of conditions, Ryan recently took his E92 M3 out to the Nordschleife where track temps were an intense 42C and he was more than happy with the CSF coolers saying that “The CSF coolers kept my temps in check, water stayed under 90c, engine oil 125c and dropped very quickly once I started to cool the car down. I have no issues with the DCT or power steering either, top work from CSF!”