CSF Cooling

F10/F13 M5/M6 Charge Cooler install at Evolve Automotive

 Independently tested, CSF’s F10/F13 M5/M6 Charge Coolers exceed all expectations! 

Evolve Automotive tested the CSF Charge Coolers on a customers F13 M6 and recorded the before and after results. Even with higher ambients, Evolve Automotive test showed that CSF’s Charge Coolers dramatically reduce the charge temps, critical for extracting the optimum performance from these ultra-high performance ///M cars.

Take a look at the full video review below, including unboxing, installation and test results. If you didn’t want to watch the video, below the video is a gallery of the installation and CSF test results. Enjoy!

Dealer Information: Evolve Automotive // sales@evolveautomotive.com // Luton, United Kingdom